Sam Hyde Accuses Kai Cenat of Copying his Idea

Internet comedian Sam Hyde has stirred up controversy by accusing Twitch star Kai Cenat of copying his concept for a Hunger Games-style event. Hyde claims that the premise for Cenat’s upcoming event mirrors the plot of the next season of his show, Fishtank.

The Concept of Fishtank

Sam Hyde’s Fishtank is a reality show inspired by Big Brother, where participants are locked in a house for six weeks with every moment broadcasted live. The show, known for its intense and immersive format, has garnered a significant following.

The new season, set to launch on June 25, takes a dramatic turn with the introduction of ‘Fishtank All-Stars Vampire Bloodgames.’ This season will feature six former winners who will be placed in the woods and “hunted” by vampires at night. A trailer released on May 10 promises “real life FPS gameplay” and “real life survival,” offering a more intense and engaging experience for both participants and viewers.

Kai Cenat’s Announcement

Shortly after Hyde’s trailer release, Kai Cenat announced his own Hunger Games-style event. Cenat revealed that he has been planning the event for over six months and aims to include 50 of the greatest streamers in the world. He envisions the event to be grand, with drones and combat suits, aiming to create a massive live event.

Cenat has hinted at securing major partnerships for his event, including reaching out to MrBeast and discussing potential collaborations with Nike for official sponsorship. This ambitious plan has positioned Cenat’s event as potentially one of the largest SVOD partnerships ever seen.

Hyde’s Reaction to Cenat’s Event

Sam Hyde has expressed frustration over the timing and similarity of Cenat’s announcement. He believes Cenat’s event closely mimics the premise of Fishtank’s upcoming season. Hyde took to social media to voice his concerns, stating, “We spent months and millions [of dollars] making a Hunger Games season, and they’re copying it lol… they will continue to pretend we don’t exist!”

Despite his frustration, Hyde suggested a willingness to collaborate or at least discuss the matter with Cenat. “Kai… let’s talk buddy,” he added, indicating a possible resolution or cooperation between the two internet personalities.


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