Sam Buys Back Chay’s Residence!

For the past few days, there were rumours afloat in the Telugu film circles that Chay has left his flat to Samantha even though they have broken up. But, the latest information provided by actor Murali Mohan who has seen the couple from close quarters, tells a different story. In a recent interview, the senior actor has opened up about a few details which many might not have known. It’s a known thing that Murali Mohan has a real estate company called Jayabheri. While the couple were together, he said, they bought a flat in his apartment.

“As soon as they married, the couple moved into our apartment. They lived there till their separation. They always looked happy together and never ever thought that they would divorce. Chay bought another home while they were still here. They informed me that they had sold the house and will move on to their new home as soon as the remodelling works are completed. While everything was going so well, one day the news of their separation shocked me. First, Chay moved on from the house with all his belongings packed. Sam too left after a few days. She searched for a new home all over the city and came back to me again. She told me that she liked the flat very much and asked me if she could get it back again. I talked with those who have bought the home and they agreed to sell it back albeit at a higher price. Right now, Sam and her mom are living in that flat” revealed Murali Mohan


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