RRR is a spectacle that evokes emotion: Russo Brothers

SS Rajamouli is the filmmaker who has given India’s biggest blockbuster (Baahubali). Anthony Russo and Joe Russo (fondly known as Russo Brothers) have given the world’s biggest blockbuster (Avengers: End Game). Imagine all of them coming together for an interview.

This incident happened during the recent promotional interview for the Russo Brothers’ latest flick The Gray Man. During the interview, the director duo had an interaction with SS Rajamouli regarding the latter’s recent blockbuster RRR. It is already known that RRR has been receiving a thumping response in the west. Even the Russo Brothers watched the movie and liked it immensely.

During the interaction, Rajamouli said that he never expected RRR to receive such a huge response in the west. Meanwhile, the Russo Brothers stated that ‘Action is a universal language.’ What they found most amazing about RRR was the way it evokes emotion combined with a spectacle. They have also opined that the digital platforms have probably given access to diverse and international films than Hollywood has done in 50 years.


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