Richa Chadha on Feminism and Nora Fatehi’s Comment

Richa Chadha, known for her powerful performances, recently shared her thoughts on feminism and responded to a controversial statement made by fellow actor Nora Fatehi. In an interview with Puja Talwar, Richa expressed her views on the role of women and the impact of feminism in today’s society.

The Power of Feminism

Richa acknowledged that feminism has played a crucial role in shaping the lives of women. She emphasized that the benefits enjoyed by women today—such as having a career, making independent choices, and deciding their own attire—are a direct result of the feminist movement. Richa highlighted the importance of recognizing and appreciating the contributions of those who fought for women’s rights, even if some individuals hesitate to identify as feminists.

Misconceptions and Bra-Burning Chaos

The actor addressed common misconceptions about feminism. She pointed out that the image of bra-burning protests from the late ’60s, often associated with feminism, is a misinformed portrayal. Richa believes that this stereotype doesn’t capture the true essence of feminism, which is about empowering women and advocating for their rights. Instead of perpetuating outdated stereotypes, she encourages a deeper understanding of the movement’s goals and achievements.

Nature’s Cues

Richa drew inspiration from nature to challenge gender roles. She cited the example of a lion family coping after the birth of a cub. According to her, all roles within the family—whether related to nurturing, protection, or provision—are not strictly defined by gender. Instead, they represent shared responsibilities. Richa’s perspective emphasizes that women should not be confined to specific roles; rather, they should have the freedom to choose their paths based on their individual abilities and aspirations.

Nora Fatehi’s Controversial Statement

Nora Fatehi’s recent comment stirred controversy when she expressed skepticism about feminism. According to Nora, feminism has negatively impacted society, and she believes that men have been brainwashed by the feminist era. She suggested that men should focus on being providers and protectors, allowing women to take on nurturing roles.


Richa Chadha’s nuanced take on feminism highlights the need for informed discussions. While Nora Fatehi’s viewpoint sparked debate, Richa’s emphasis on understanding the true essence of feminism encourages us to appreciate the progress made by women and continue advocating for equality.

In a world where women’s roles are evolving, it’s essential to recognize that empowerment lies in choice—not in conforming to rigid stereotypes. Richa’s words serve as a reminder that feminism is not a one-size-fits-all concept; it’s a dynamic force that continues to shape our society for the better.


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