Rashi Khanna lost weight while dating

Rashi Khanna

Rashi Khanna says Weight and body image concerns are common challenges faced by many actresses in the entertainment industry. The fear of gaining weight can be particularly distressing, as it is often perceived to impact their career prospects.

Raashii Khanna, during a YouTube interview, shared her experience with weight gain and the mental stress it caused her, shedding light on the pressures actresses may encounter to maintain a specific appearance in their profession. Such experiences highlight the importance of promoting body positivity and addressing the mental health aspects of the industry.

She mentioned that she gained a lot of weight at one point due to personal issues, and no matter how hard she worked, she couldn’t lose it. However, when she started dating a guy (whose identity she didn’t reveal), she immediately began to lose weight.

According to her, weight loss has much to do with mental peace. If someone is happy mentally, it will reflect on their physique; her personal experience is a prime example.

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