Ramarao Falls, Vikranth Rona Rises!

With all those negative reviews and bad talk around it, Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja’s Ramarao on Duty fell into a much deeper abyss on the second day. It was evident on the first day that the movie won’t be doing any better from the first day with all the bashing received from the reviewers and audience. Now, the trade reports say that the film has crashed much further. On the second day, the film is said to have collected a meagre amount of less that Rs 50 Lakhs worldwide. The trade experts say that in many places, the theatres are completely empty making it very hard for the exhibitors to continue running the movie. The film might be taken off the screens very soon, they say. On the other hand, Kiccha Sudeep’s Vikranth Rona has picked up from the average talk it received on the first day.

The mouth talk is good for the movie on day three and is currently heading for a superhit status in Telugu states. The film showed strong signs even when it is Monday. It’s already a blockbuster in Kannada and slowly picking up the pace in the Telugu market too. According to the trade reports, Vikrant Rona has successfully grossed close to ₹6 Cr in 4 Days in the Telugu States. The makers released the film on their own in the Telugu states and the results were good enough to justify their trust in the film. As Sudeep is already known to the Telugu audience through Eega, Sye Raa and Baahubali, his market is good enough to rake in a few Crores if the project has some content in it. Will have to see to how much extent VR will collect.


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