Ram Gopal Varma mocks KA Paul over ‘slapping’ incident

The other day, KA Paul was slapped by one of his supporters while he was interacting with the media at Siddhipet, Telangana. This ‘slapping incident has become a hot topic now.

Incidentally, Ram Gopal Varma took to Twitter to comment about the incident. As expected, he was very vocal about the whole fiasco.

“Is it true that K A PAUL arranged that person by giving him money to slap him to gain sympathy for himself? I got doubted because if such a big man hit K A PAUL and why no mark on his face ? So was it a controlled cinematic slap ? Or is K A paul’s skin very thick ??If K A PAUL’S slap is true ,He should tell JESUS to STRIKE the slapper with LIGHTNING , instead of depending on police like ordinary people” Varma tweeted.

Adding further, Varma wrote “I think @KAPaulOfficial should give BLESSINGS to the POLICE so that in return the POLICE will give BLESSINGS to him , by protecting him from further SLAPS. Bro @KAPaulOfficial u should learn from ur god JESUS and forgive the person who SLAPPED u ,and not put police on him ..if JESUS complained to police ,he won’t be JESUS no bro? ..Don’t u think bro ?.”

Varma concluded, saying “Bro @KAPaulOfficial , please don’t insult JESUS by taking help of ordinary police bro , Tell ur JESUS to burn ur SLAPPER bro ..Please Bro”

Varma’s string of tweets are now going viral on social media and understandably so.


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