Ram Charan’s Remuneration Growth: From Chirutha To RC17

Over the years, Ram Charan’s remuneration has seen significant growth, starting from around Rs. 50 lakhs for his debut film “Chirutha” in 2007. However, with the release of “Magadheera” in 2009, he solidified his position as a leading actor in the Telugu film industry, leading to a sharp increase in his earnings.

Ram Charan Remuneration

By 2014, Charan’s fees had escalated to over Rs. 10 crore per movie, and by 2015, reports suggested he was charging around Rs. 12 crore per film. Subsequently, he began to negotiate profit-sharing deals, further augmenting his income.

One of his significant projects was SS Rajamouli’s blockbuster film “RRR,” for which he reportedly received Rs. 45 crore, in addition to a share in the movie’s profits. “RRR” was a massive success, elevating Charan’s global stature, especially alongside co-star Jr NTR.

As of now, Charan’s remuneration has reached unprecedented levels, with reports indicating that he commands between Rs. 70 to 80 crores for his upcoming projects. His astronomical fees reflect his immense popularity and market value in the film industry.

Ram Charan has become global star with his performance in RRR. But do you know the journey of the actor from his debut and the flops and growth he faced through his acting journey.His journey in Tollywood has been nothing short of remarkable. Let’s take a closer look at his career growth and some of his iconic movies.

Ram Charan’s Debut

Ram Charan's Remuneration Growth: From Chirutha To RC17
Ram Charan

Ram Charan burst onto the silver screen with his debut film, Chirutha. Directed by Puri Jagannadh, this action-packed thriller showcased Charan’s raw talent and charisma.

The RC16 actor got a break with SS Rajamouli‘s Magadheera though. This fantasy-action film became the highest grossing telugu movie. Another breakthrough was Sukumar’s Rangasthalam in 2018. This film displayed the acting prowess of the actor.

Now, The actor became a global star, thanks to his role in RRR. He literally turned his career point. Now, he is busy with many line ups in his pocket.


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