Ram Charan Fans Angry On UV Creations!

Ram Charan has tasted sweet and sour immediately by his RRR and Acharya projects respectively. As RRR has sent his name across the Hollywood circles, he was on cloud 9. Acharya immediately brought the actor down to the ground with its dismal performance at the box office. Irrespective of the results, Cherry moved on to his next project, RC 15, with Shankar Shanmugam. While the shooting of that movie is going on, the latest update on Charan’s next project is out.

The film will be bankrolled by UV Creations and Megapower Star fans are not at all happy with the UV banner. The reason behind their anger is the selection of director Venu Sriram. He is said to have impressed Ram Charan with his storyline and for now, the project is in the discussions phase. If all goes well, the movie might get on track soon. Venu Sriram is not a blockbuster director. Importantly, he is not at all a mass director. Cherry fans wanted their favourite actor to line up movies with all mass and star directors in a way similar to Youngtiger Ntr. But, seeing Charan team up with a director who doesn’t have a mass hit is making the fans irritated. There are many warnings to UV Creations banner on social media from Charan fans asking to change the director.

Venu, although a very decent director, is not a commercial movies handler. His movies like Oh My Friend, Middle-Class Abbayi, and Vakeel Saab suggest the same. Even after having a star like Pawan Kalyan in his hand, Venu has opted for a safe way of a Pink remake instead of making some perfect commercial flick which can help himself to stand as a commercial director. In the span of 10 years, has made just 3 movies. Will he go the mass way of dealing with Cherry? Will the soft director change his path? Let’s see.


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