Ram Charan, A Spiritual Star!

Of late, Telugu star heroes are getting devotional. No matter how stylish they look in movies .. no matter how modern they are.. the top heroes are still very inclined towards spirituality. Mega Power Star Ram Charan stands in the front row while speaking about devotion. Every year, he takes Ayyappaswamy Deeksha. Megastar Chiranjeevi used to take the deeksha when he was in his prime. Now, along with the mega legacy, Cherry is even continuing the devotion of his father. Recently, another video of Ram Charan doing Siva seva has come out.

A Twitter user shared the video of that seva. “Simplicity is the trademark of superstardom.. doing Shivalaya Seva is such a change from seeing temple-run photo ops.. #RamCharan is a role model for celebs too 🙌🙌🙌. HarHarMahadevॐ” tweeted that user. The video shows Ram Charan cleaning Sivalinga with their hands which is considered to be a very rare opportunity. As few people are lauding Charan, anti-fans are criticizing that this kind of Seva will be allowed only to stars and common people will not be allowed even closer. In fact, a few temples of Lord Siva throughout India allow everyone to touch the Linga. Anyways, Charan seems to be a very devotional and spiritual person which is a rare quality for heirs of stars. It’s noteworthy that his RRR co-star NTR too started taking Hanuman Deeksha form this year.



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