Rakhi Sawant gets BMW as a gift from her new Love!

Bollywood’s biggest controversial girl Rakhi Sawant found her love again. Her new lover named, Adil Khan Durrani, has even bought her a brand new BMW. She was supposed to be married Ritesh Singh after her surprise announcement in Bigg Boss season 15. But just as the season concluded, it became clear that she manipulated the marriage concept to draw attention. Rakhi revealed that she was getting separated from Ritesh. Now, she found her love in Adil. Her Instagram feed is filled with both of their videos. In her recent attendance at an award function, Rakhi revealed her boyfriend to the paparazzi in a video call. She even gave him flying kisses in front of the media, which became the talk of the town. Do you want us both together to go to Bigg Boss? He is my boyfriend, quipped the controversial star.

Rakhi’s career is full of controversial and sensational issues. Beginning as an item song dancer, she rose to fame through Bigg Boss. Regarding her personal life, she announced that she would marry internet celebrity Deepak Kalal back in 2018. While the announcement came in November that year, she canceled the marriage in December. Later, during Big Boss, the Ritesh relationship happened, which got canceled too. Now, Adil comes into her life. Considering the love life of Rakhi, one has to wonder how many months does this relationship stay!


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