Radha Krishna Targeted Because of Sitaramam!

Hanu Raghavapudi’s Sitaramam has become a good hit along with its co-release Bimbisara. Though talented, Hanu has been waiting for a proper hit for many years and his wait has finally ended with Sitaramam. While cinephiles and TFI people are happy in general, there is one group which is very frustrated. It’s none other than the fandom of Rebel Star Prabhas. Their frustration is not because Sitaramam is a hit but the flop of Radhe Shyam, a similar kind of feel-good love story of their hero becoming a disaster. While Prabhas’s movie is about Rs 300 Crores and has huge settings and climax, Sitaramam is a plain and simple love story which concentrated more on emotions rather than grandeur and is completed on a budget of just Rs 30 Crores.

This is what Rebel fans are irked about. Why didn’t Radha Krishna make a beautiful love story in terms of emotion rather than a visual feast, asks the Rebel fandom. In that case, the movie would at least have been a box office success, they say. It’s interesting to note that both Hanu Raghavapudi and Radha Krishna were assistants of director Chandrasekhar Yeleti. Comparing both Sitaramam and Radhe Shyam, Prabhas fans are trolling director Radha Krishna. But, cine pundits say that it’s an unfair comparison. For Sitaramam, Dulquer is not a big hero and producers can only go up to a budget of Rs 30 Crores to Rs 40 Crores whereas Prabhas is a pan-Indian star and in order to make the movie watchable to all the languages fans, it’s necessary to spend the money, they say.


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