Project K Has Avengers’ Range?

While Rebe Star Prabhas has already a long list of movies lined up, Project K is the less talked about in them. However, the movie team is now trying to create an interest in the project. In the latest interview, ace producer Ashwini Dutt has opened up about how big the movie is about. It’s interesting to note that Dutt has compared the movie with Hollywood’s mega-blockbuster The Avengers. He raised the hype suggesting that people will be surprised after watching the movie and there are numerous goosebumps moments for Prabhas fans. His comments got Rebel fans to go crazy. In the producer’s own words..

“You will be surprised after watching the movie. It is very very impressive. So much that we are looking at the international release for markets like China and America too. It will be sort of like an Avengers movie from the Telugu film industry. Amitabh Bachchan will be seen in a never-before avatar. It’s a surprise. Prabhas will mesmerize you. We are thinking about the release in the October of next year. That is if everything falls into place. Or else, maybe the movie will see a 2024 January release. We will have curtains for the shooting part in 2023 January. The film has to undergo extensive computer graphics hence the delay. It takes a lot of time for the CG to give output properly” said the Mahanati Producer.


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