Priyanka chopra updates on ”Heads of state”

Priyanka Chopra, the global icon and talented actress, has been making waves both in Bollywood and Hollywood. Recently, she delighted her fans with an exciting update about her upcoming Hollywood movie, “Heads of State.” Let’s dive into the details:

Priyanka Chopra updates:

Priyanka Chopra had a busy visit to India, spending quality time with her husband Nick Jonas and their adorable daughter, Malti. After her eventful trip, Priyanka is now back in action, resuming filming for “Heads of State.” She took to her Instagram Stories to share a picture of the film’s script, captioning it, “And we’re back…” The film, directed by Ilya Naishuller, is an action comedy that also stars Idris Elba, John Cena, and Jack Quaid. The primary shooting location is London. She posted a video and wrote, ” And it’s a wrap.. it’s been a year.. well, a lot happened but here we are. Tonight I wrapped on a set that was always so full of laughter and professionalism. That rare combination doesn’t happen always.. This movie was a breeze because the cast and crew came prepared with their A game, everyday. It’s been an honour to work with some legends in our business on this one. Hope y’all have as much fun watching it as we did making it. Heads of state will be on @primevideo .. when u ask me? Above my pay grade. lol. Gratitude.”

London Shoots and Fan Encounters:

In July 2023, a video surfaced on social media from the film’s London sets. The clip featured Priyanka preparing for a scene alongside Idris Elba and John Cena in a back alley. The trio engaged in an intense discussion, adding to the anticipation surrounding the film. Priyanka’s humility shone through when she encountered a group of adoring fans on the “Heads of State” set. She graciously greeted them, posed for selfies, and left a lasting impression.

India Visit Highlights:

During her stay in India, Priyanka attended various events: She graced Bulgari and Isha Ambani’s Roman Holi celebration in Mumbai, stunning in a pastel pink slit skirt-styled saree. At the Prime Video Presents event, she announced her production venture, “Women of My Billion,” a documentary highlighting women’s journeys across India. Priyanka visited the newly-consecrated Ram Temple in Ayodhya with Nick and Malti, capturing heartwarming moments. She celebrated Holi with her extended family in Noida and attended her cousin Mannara Chopra’s birthday bash in Mumbai. Lastly, she participated in her brother Siddharth’s roka ceremony before returning to work.

What Lies Ahead:

As Priyanka dives back into her Hollywood project, fans eagerly await “Heads of State.” With a stellar cast and promising storyline, the film promises entertainment galore. Priyanka’s versatility continues to shine, bridging the gap between Indian and international cinema.

In summary, Priyanka Chopra’s dedication to her craft and her ability to effortlessly switch between continents make her a true global superstar. We can’t wait to see her in action in “Heads of State”!

I’ve highlighted the key points about Priyanka Chopra’s return to filming “Heads of State” after her India visit. If you’d like more details or have any specific requests, feel free to ask!


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