Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Vilayath Buddha Second Schedule Wrapped up!

The second schedule of Prithviraj Sukumaran’s upcoming movie, Vilayath Buddha became wrapped up in Idukki. The replacement became shared with the aid of using the movie’s cinematographer Arvind Kashyap, who rose to a reputation for his paintings withinside the current blockbuster Kantara. In a heated post, Arvind wrote, “Celluloid is the primary Malayalam film I ever watched. Have been a massive fan of Prithviraj since. To be running with him is not anything quick of a miracle. As we wrap the second agenda of Vilayath Buddha, I can’t thank the universe sufficiently for conspiring and making me part of this amazing team.”
Prithviraj performs a person named Double Mohanan withinside the movie, which marks the directorial debut of Jayan Nambiar, a former companion of the past-due filmmaker Sachy. He additionally assisted Prithviraj in Lucifer.

G R Indugopan and Rajesh Pinnadan are scripting the movie primarily based totally on the former’s novel of the equal name.
The tale typically revolves around two characters Bhaskaran Master, and his protege, a smuggler named Double Mohanan. The imperative war is ready the two guys looking to declare possession of a sandalwood tree planted with the aid of using the former. Kottayam Ramesh has been forged withinside the function of Bhaskaran Master. Anu Mohan, Thottappan-reputation Privamvada Krishnan, and Shammy Thilakan can also be visible in pivotal roles withinside the movie. Jakes Bejoy is the track director, and Sreejith Sarang might be managing the edits. Sandip Senan is generating the movie below the Urvasi Theatres.

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