Prashanth Varma to direct a film with Ravi Teja?

The young director Prashanth Varma is currently working on a project with Teja Sajja. Teja is said to be planning a project with actor Ravi Teja. Ravi Teja is currently enjoying back-to-back hits, and he seems to be on a roll with signing back-to-back films. Meanwhile, the rumors suggest that Prashanth Varma is in talks with Ravi Teja for a film that will be made in Telugu and Hindi. However, no official confirmation has been given yet.

Additionally, there are also rumors that the director is planning a project with actor Ram Charan. It is unclear at this time what the project will be or when it will begin production. Prashanth Varma is currently working on the sensational crazy film Hanuman, which is said to be about a superhero. As of now, nothing is confirmed about Ravi Teja’s film, and more details on the same will be out soon.

Ravi Teja is currently in production on a one-of-a-kind film called Ravanasura.

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