Pavitra Lokesh Trolled In Theatres!

Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja’s Rama Rao on Duty hit the silver screens today. The reviews are already out and many reviewers were blasting the film left and right. The audience too is not satisfied with the movie as it is a poorly written, executed and acted film. However, there is only one spark for the audience in the theatres. The appearance of Pavithra Lokesh and Naresh in a few scenes has drawn whistles from the crowds. As it is known, Pavithra and Naresh were in the news until recently as their relationship became public and Naresh’s wife moved the debate to TV channels. Although it’s a personal choice of the couple, they were trolled heavily on social media. Now, the trolling shifted to the theatres. Whenever Pavithra is seen on the screen, there were screams and whistles.

According to the film Nagar circles, Pavithra has already lost many roles because of this controversy. The actress mostly does motherly roles in the movies and the makers are said to be fearing the impact of her recent controversy on those roles. On the other hand, Naresh might continue to get the roles in the movies as Pavithra was highlighted more than him. Coming back to Rama Rao on Duty, the film might end up as another dud in Ravi Teja’s career. Ravi is mainly known for his energy and quirky dialogues. But RROD is all about seriousness which didn’t suit the Mass Maharaj. It has to be seen if the actor will at least be back with his next film Tiger Nageswarao.


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