North media creatively mocks Mahesh Babu over Bollywood comment

Speaking with the media recently, Mahesh Babu said he is not interested in Bollywood as he opines Bollywood cannot afford him. As expected, this comment drew backlash from the Hindi folks.


Now, North media has creatively mocked Mahesh Babu over his comment on Bollywood and here is a look into the same.

A top TV news channel that operates from Northern India had intentionally publicized a demeaning story on Mahesh Babu.

In the live TV channel, there was a debate regarding Mahesh Babu’s comment and it read that Mahesh is a Kannad actor.

Well, Mahesh is one of the most famous Telugu actors in Telugu cinema and the entire country knows it. Even if the said news channel did not know about Mahesh, they could have done a simple Google search to know if Mahesh is a Telugu actor or a Kannada actor.

As it appears, the news channel has intentionally mocked Mahesh Babu for TRP ratings and free publicity.


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