Nithin’s Extra Ordinary an extra ordinary or ordinary film, Netizens review the film

Extra Ordinary Man, a new romantic comedy and feel-good film, stars Nitin and Sreeleela in lead roles. The film revolves around a movie extra and sketches his extraordinary life.

Netizens review the film Extra Ordinary Man, 4 out of 5 rates it a must-watch and claim it is a commercial entertainer.

The film was released on 8th December 2023 and was loved by most of the audience. Here’s what netizens wrote.

“#ExtraOrdinaryMan – A decent entertainer after quite a while from Tollywood. Nithin throughout the movie chaala energetic ga chesadu at the same time Ekkada overboard vellaledhu. Leela had a limited screen time and she’s okay. Last song aithey energy anantham
Hit movie – 3/5”. Referring to it as a decent entertainer and didn’t go overboard anywhere, Nitin gave an energetic performance.

“Excellent , Out & out entertainer with hilarious episodes. 3.5/5 Hit Bommmaaa #Salaar Varaku Kummutadi 50Cr”

Excellent first’ half complete laughter ride”

“First Half Report: Comedy parledu. #Sreeleela tho unna scenes anni reality ga dooram ga unnai . Story kuda outdated anipinchindhi. But few comedy scenes first half ni save chesayane cheppukovali and same time konni comedy scenes over the top unnai.” Referring to Comedy was nice, but it is far from reality. A few comedy scenes made the film, while a few broke the film.

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