Nitesh Tiwari Ramayan Kicks Off Its First Schedule: More Updates

Filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari had to delay the filming of Ramayana until mid-April due to wardrobe changes. At Mumbai’s Film City site, the team began reviewing the new outfits on Monday. They also considered body doubles for Yash, playing Raavan, and Ranbir Kapoor, playing Lord Ram. Today’s shoot is crucial for the team’s preparations.

Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayan Updates

According to Sources, the cast, including Sai Pallavi, will be in front of the camera for one of Bollywood’s most anticipated projects. The unit will be busy in the coming days, with body doubles summoned to film stunts against a green screen. Extras were called to prepare for crowd scenes, with multiple dramatic scenarios planned.

Nitesh Tiwari aimed to start shooting Ramayana in March but had to delay it by a month. The art and costume departments required more time to refine sets and costumes, respectively. The production team, led by Tiwari, is now ready to start filming at Mumbai’s Film City. The first schedule will focus on the childhood sequences of Lord Ram, Laxman, and Bharat, portrayed by child artists.

Ranbir Kapoor To Join Ramayan Sets Later?

Nitesh Tiwari will shoot the childhood portions of Lord Ram, where Guru Vasishtha imparts life lessons to him and his brothers. Shishir Sharma will play Guru Vasishtha, and child artists’ names are kept secret for now. Ranbir Kapoor will be absent during the initial shooting phase as he is finalizing 3D scans in Los Angeles. He is expected to rejoin the production in mid-April.

The producers decided to reevaluate the costumes after conducting a look test on the main cast in February. More costume designers were brought on board in March to enhance the outfits’ stage presence and majesty. All outfits were secured by March 25.

Ramayana is highly anticipated due to its importance in Indian culture. Tiwari resolved not to begin filming until he was completely satisfied with all elements. Filming is scheduled between April 12 and 15, with minor modifications to the set. The epic saga is planned as a trilogy, with the first installment set to premiere in 2025.


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