Nikhil urges us not to announce release dates until…

Nikhil Siddhartha is again coming with another out-of-the-box script titled SPY with the tagline India’s best-kept secret. With the positive buzz surrounding the SPY, Nikhil is all set to unfold the Hidden mystery of Subash Chandra Bose in theatres. A few days ago, Nikhil had a conversation with the filmmakers about the release date. The actor is not interested in the film’s release because of the key VFX work and a lack of time for promotional campaigns.

After the team discussions, they were fixed on the same date as announced before, which is June 29. After this, Nikhil’s next films are already in line. The films are India House and Swayambhu. Nikhil has made an agreement with those two film producers not to announce the release date of the films until the shooting is finished.

This is a wise decision from Nikhil, as he is creating gripping thrillers and mysteries. The announcement of the release date might affect the whole team unit if the work does not go according to their allotted dates. And Nikhil is a guy who doesn’t spare mistakes in his films, as he is getting pan-India recognition. Let’s go to nearby theatres and watch Spy.

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