Nelson opened up on Vijay’s reaction to ‘Beast’ failure

Nelson Dilip Kumar

Director Nelson Dilipkumar, who is enjoying the success of his recent movie ‘Jailer,’ has shared insights about Thalapathy Vijay’s reaction to the underwhelming performance of their film ‘Beast.’ In a recent interview, Nelson discussed Vijay’s response after ‘Beast’ was released.

Nelson Dilipkumar discussed the lukewarm reception that ‘Beast’ received at the box office and how he and Thalapathy Vijay dealt with it. He mentioned that they maintain constant communication and even spoke about the movie’s performance. The director shared Vijay’s perspective, stating, “We stay in touch. To be honest, when the film was released, he told me, ‘We created a film. You executed what you promised. We gave our best efforts. Some liked it, others didn’t. We can’t change anything now. Let’s aim for something better next time.”.

Nelson went on to reveal that he had a candid conversation with Vijay about whether the actor was upset with him because of the film’s mixed reception. Nelson was pleasantly surprised by Vijay’s heartfelt response. He recounted, “I asked him if he was angry with me. He seemed confused and asked, ‘Why would I be angry with you?’ I explained that it was because of the mixed reactions to the film. Vijay replied with an informal ‘Yov (Hey),’ and walked away. However, he returned and inquired, ‘So, our friendship means only as much as a film, is that it? Your question has hurt me.'”

This exchange showcases the genuine bond between Nelson and Vijay and their ability to have open and sincere conversations.

Despite the mixed reactions to “Beast,” Vijay has stood by Nelson, displaying his unwavering support. The Tamil actor extended his well wishes to Nelson for his film ‘Jailer’ and even sent a congratulatory text message. Nelson openly shared Vijay’s message, explaining, “He messaged me expressing his happiness about the success. That’s how we are. People have various opinions, but it’s often better not to engage with everything.”

Nelson Dilipkumar also discussed his experience working with legendary superstar Rajinikanth. He praised Rajinikanth’s sharpness and poise, acknowledging that he couldn’t quite match the veteran actor’s level of expertise and stability.

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