Negativity around Super Star worrying the fans

Superstar Mahesh Babu whose recent outing ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’ turned out to be the biggest blockbuster at the box office has been getting into trouble with one or the other controversies recently.

While talking in an interview, Mahesh Babu said “Bollywood cannot afford me” which created a huge controversy. It has been a long time since Mahesh Babu made that statement and just when people are starting to forget that, another controversy popped into the news. A meme targeting Mahesh Babu and mocking him over village adoption-themed films got viral on the Internet. Just because of that single meme, a section of media started trying to make a meal out of it and targeted Mahesh Babu by creating so many rumors regarding the same with some clickbait titles. However, the fans are wondering why the media has suddenly started attacking Mahesh Babu all of a sudden. It is really sad to see Mahesh Babu becoming a subject of hate without any strong reason.


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