NCT Members Haechan and Johnny Face S3xual Scandal

NCT members Haechan and Johnny are at the center of a rapidly escalating scandal that has garnered widespread media attention. Allegations have surfaced that the duo engaged in intimate relations with three Japanese fans, who were also cabaret hostesses in Japan’s nightlife scene. This controversy has now extended to involve Super Junior’s Heechul.

Heechul’s Alleged Involvement in NCT Scandal

The scandal took a surprising turn when a picture shared by one of the women involved featured Super Junior’s Heechul. This has led to speculation about whether Heechul facilitated the meeting between the NCT members and the Japanese fans. The photo, which was supposed to be confidential, shows Heechul unexpectedly joining a drinking session, further fueling the controversy.

From “Witch Hunt” to National Controversy

Initially dismissed by fans as a baseless “witch hunt,” the scandal has now exploded into a national controversy with new evidence continually emerging. Blurry photos purportedly showing Haechan and Johnny in a hotel room with three women were initially leaked. Recently, another photo surfaced, leaked by a friend of one of the women involved, showing her with Heechul at a drinking session.

Super Junior’s Heechul Responds to Allegations

On June 4, as the matter gained traction on social media, Heechul addressed the allegations. Known for his sociable nature, Heechul’s involvement has been widely speculated upon by fans. When asked directly about his actions in Japan, Heechul promptly denied any inappropriate behavior. He stated, “I’ve been keeping an eye on it anyway. I’m worried I’ll cause an incident on Instagram again, so I’ve just been talking to the company. I’m going to give a brief statement here in case you guys will worry or be disappointed. I’ve never met any of our company’s junior idols outside of work, nor have I had a meal or drinks with them. I don’t even have their contact numbers.”

Fans’ Reactions and Skepticism

Despite Heechul’s statement, fans remain skeptical. They believe his response indicates more concern about protecting NCT members than providing a clear denial. One fan commented, “If it really wasn’t true, he would’ve acted up so much on Instagram calling people feminist b*tches, but seeing how he’s talking to the company, it’s probably true LOL.” This skepticism is heightened by Heechul’s usual tendency to be outspoken.


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