Nayanthara praises her husband, saying, ‘Behind every successful woman is a man like him.

During their new brand’s success party, South Lady Superstar Nayanthara showed her admiration for her husband, director Vignesh Shivan. She blushed as she acknowledged that he had helped her reach this point in her career, pointing out that while we frequently hear of successful women standing behind men, we rarely hear of men doing the same for women.

As they say, “There’s a woman behind every successful man.” Nayanthara was open about the fact that Vignesh was the driving force behind her success. “Every man’s success has a woman behind him, as we have all heard. However, it’s uncommon to see a man support a contented and successful woman. “I met my husband through a movie, so that’s something I haven’t seen too often,” she grinned. He has only encouraged me to aim higher since the day I met him, which is why we fell in love and got married.

Nayanthara added that she thought Vignesh  Shivan was the kind of man who encouraged her to take risks rather than question her choices. “He has never questioned the choices I’ve made. I’ve always believed that it’s advantageous when people don’t question us. However, we also require someone to question “Why aren’t you doing more, why are you giving up on this?” With Vignesh, I’ve found that person,” she said.

The pair, who first connected on the sets of the 2015 Vignesh-directed film Naanum Rowdy Dhaan, dated for a while before getting hitched in 2022. Uyir and Ulag are the twin sons of the couple.

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