Nani and Ravi Teja confirms their multi-starrer

Ravi Teja and Nani are the two self-made stars who bagged star status after going through many struggles. They are the biggest inspirations for this and the next generation of youth. This is because of their inspirational journeys and immensely hard work. Ravi Teja laid his own path from playing sidekicks to becoming the mass maharaja in Tollywood today. Nani struggled as an assistant director and rose to become a natural star today.

As both their Dasara and Ravanasura are gearing up for release, they started promoting their films. Nani’s latest movie Dasara is going to be released at the pan-Indian level in multiple languages on March 30, and Ravi Teja’s upcoming movie Ravanasura is going to be released in Telugu and Hindi on April 7. The two actors have now decided to promote their films together by joining hands.

Natural star Nani has approached Ravi Teja with the idea of doing cross-promotions for Dasara and Ravanasura through an interview. This interview released yesterday caught everyone’s attention.

In this interview, Raviteja and Nani talked about their working together and at the same time, they agreed upon producing their multi-starrer in joining the production of their two banners. It is already known that Raviteja launched his RT Team Works and Nani is producing films with his Wall Poster Cinema.

Also, Nani said he wanted to do an intense and energetic role like Vikram Rathod of Raviteja. Raviteja said he wanted to do a Jersey-like role of Nani’s and he also added that he likes Shyam Singha Roy.

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