Nandamuri Clan Rules Post Covid!

The Covid-19 virus had hit the film circles severely. With the lockdown effect, increase in the ticket rates, and the advent of OTT platforms, moviemakers are finding it very hard to bring people to the theatres. For some movies, even after the producers have decreased the ticket costs, they are unable to find any audience. Many movies have left the box office as disasters. This new phenomenon is making the producers think twice before starting a project. While other heroes are struggling to score a decent hit, the Nandamuri clan has their stars aligned perfectly. All the movies of Nandamuri heroes have worked quite well at the Tollywood box office.

First of these is Nandamuri Bala Krishna’s Akhanda. this movie has scored a sensational hit at the box office. Directed by Boyapati Sreenu, the film was released on December 1st of last year and went on to become a blockbuster of the year. Following it is Ntr and Ram Charan’s RRR. Released on 24 March this year with a huge hype around it, RRR did exceptionally well and surpassed all the expectations. Not just at the Indian box office but the movie created ripples even in Hollywood circles. Ntr’s acting stamina was appreciated everywhere. Now, another Nandamuri Hero- Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara released on the 5th of August and is running with good word of mouth and positive reviews. Nandamuri Family fans are boasting that there is no other family in the TFI, which has generated good successes like their Nandamuri clan. To an extent, this is true. We have to wait and see which movies will join this list in the near future.


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