Naga Shaurya’s Krishna Vrinda Vihari Postpones Again

All the top actors’ movies that got postponed due to the Pandemic, were hitting the theatres one by one for the last five months. Amidst these biggies, these aren’t great times for small and medium budget films that are struggling to hold the theatre’s count as well as the audience’s attention.

However, it’s only DJ Tillu among medium-budget movies that have turned out to be commercially profitable for producers in 2022.

Meanwhile, Naga Shaurya, who gained good popularity among Tier 3 heroes with his family-oriented movies is also worried about the tough time going on and has postponed his next film Krishna Vrinda Vihari release date on May 20.

However, as per the sources, it is also heard that the post-production works of the film have not been completed and with this makers had left with no option than changing the release date.

Bollywood popstar/actress Shirley Setia is playing the lead actress role in this film, directed by Anish R Krishna and produced by Ira Creations.


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