Mr and Mrs Mahi Box Office Collection Day 7

The sports drama Mr and Mrs Mahi, directed by Sharan Sharma, has experienced a significant dip in its box office collection during the weekdays. Despite a promising start, the Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor-starrer is now struggling to maintain momentum.

Day-by-Day Earnings Breakdown

Mr and Mrs Mahi opened to a decent collection of ₹6.75 crore on its first day. However, the subsequent days saw a decline in earnings. On day two, the film managed to collect ₹4.6 crore, followed by ₹5.5 crore on day three. The first Monday marked a sharp drop, with the film earning only ₹2.15 crore. By the seventh day, the film had collected ₹1.75 crore on Thursday, bringing its total earnings to ₹24.45 crore.

According to, Mr and Mrs Mahi had an overall Hindi occupancy of 10.58% on Thursday. This indicates a decline in audience interest as the week progressed, affecting the film’s ability to sustain higher daily earnings.

Plot and Character Details

Mr and Mrs Mahi marks the second collaboration between Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao after their appearance in the horror-comedy Roohi (2021). In the film, Rajkummar plays Mahendra, an aspiring cricketer, while Janhvi portrays Mahima, a doctor with a hidden talent for cricket. The narrative follows Mahendra’s realization that he cannot pursue his cricketing dreams after marriage, prompting him to coach Mahima to fulfill the dream he couldn’t achieve.

Critical Reception

The highly experienced film critic review highlighted the film’s strengths and weaknesses, stating, “Mr and Mrs Mahi is a one-time watch for its earnest performances, but the film is devoid of a superlative script or wow moments. It’s an ambitious sports film that tries to make a point, but sadly misses the shot. I wish at least in the title, Mrs came before Mr and we could have then celebrated women in cricket a little more.”


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