‘Mega’ Forcing Reason For The Debacles?

There is a lot of difference between the output of the directors who picturise their own script and directors who are forced to some random script. Own scripts are always written with passion, conviction and complete visualization in the director’s mind prior to shooting itself. On the other hand, when a director is forced to make a movie for the sake of combination, that would generally result in a poor outcome visually and financially. The latest news in Tollywood is that a few directors are feeling the pressure because of ‘Mega’ forced opportunity.

It’s not a wonder to know that every director in Tollywood wants to work with Megastar Chiranjeevi at least for one movie. Chiru too, on his part, generally encourages those directors who are keen. But, satisfying Chiranjeevi with a script is not a small thing, say those who are close to him. He is very particular about each and every sequence and suggests changes as per his requirement. This is in the case where he liked the script. For those directors with whom he wants to work but whose script is not up to his expectations, Chiru is said to be burdening them with the task of remakes.

Even though the directors are not interested in that project, they are accepting the project for the sake of working with the Megastar. As a result, the output is very mediocre. If we check Chiru’s movies after the comeback, Khaidi No 150 was the remake of Katthi and VV Vinayak was tasked with making it. He did an okay job as he already had an experience earlier with Megastar in movies like Tagore, which was again, a remake of Ramana.

For Mega 151, Surender Reddy, who generally makes stylish, action entertainers, was made to direct a historical film Sye Raa. He too tried to give his best but still, the movie didn’t work out. Earlier, during the shoot of Dhruva, Chiru promised to make a movie with Surender Reddy and hence the Sye Raa project. Then comes Acharya, arguably the biggest disaster in Chiru’s career. There were rumours during the filming itself that the director is unhappy with the changes suggested by Megastar yet finished the project somehow. The result of his half-hearted belief in the script was evident after the release.

Now, for the Lucifer remake God Father too, director Mohan Raja is said to be not interested in the movie and completing the film just as per obligation. It is reflected in the first look glimpse of Chiru’s entry not up to the mark and silly mistakes like typo errors in the Megastar’s name. Fans are hoping that Chiru will learn from his past mistakes and let the directors come up with their own scripts and act in various genres of the film leaving behind the remakes.


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