Manoj Bajpayee expresses concern over the lack of independent content on OTT

In a recent conversation in the Master Class session on Crafting a Compelling Web Series for OTT at the 54th IFFI in Goa, Manoj Bajpayee voiced his concern about the absence of independent content on OTT platforms. calls it a ‘sad development’.

Manoj Bajpayee pointed out a significant shift in the landscape of streaming services. He emphasized that the initial focus of these platforms was on promoting independent cinema, but somewhere along the way, this essence has been lost.

The talented actor expressed his concern, stating, “The independent cinema movement that started and was getting such mentorship from the OTT platforms, is gone. And that is a very sad development.” He underscored the importance of nurturing new voices and providing platforms for them, praising the earlier efforts in this direction. Bajpayee added that without the space for independent creativity, the industry may only progress financially, lacking growth in terms of creative exploration.

The Gangs of Wasseypur actor expressed his belief that securing funding equivalent to big-budget blockbusters like Jawan, Pathaan, or Tiger 3 is unimaginable for independent films.

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