Manoj Bajpayee Addresses Bias in Film Reviews

Acclaimed actor Manoj Bajpayee recently opened up about facing bias and racism from critics during his early years in the film industry. In a candid interview with Siddharth Kannan, Bajpayee recounted instances where reviewers criticized his appearance and performance, highlighting the inherent prejudice prevalent in some sections of the media.

Criticism Over Looks

Reflecting on past experiences, Manoj Bajpayee revealed how he faced harsh criticism for his portrayal of Maharaja in the film “Zubeida.” Despite delivering a commendable performance, some reviewers questioned his suitability for the role based on his appearance. Bajpayee noted that such critiques were not only unfair but also exposed the underlying racism within the industry.

Response to Criticism

While Bajpayee acknowledged the existence of biased reviews, he maintained a stoic approach towards handling criticism. Despite being subjected to unwarranted comments about his performance and looks, he refrained from engaging in verbal spats with critics. Instead, he chose to focus on his craft and let his work speak for itself, believing that his future endeavors would serve as a fitting response to his detractors.

Impact of Hurtful Remarks

Despite his resilience, Manoj Bajpayee admitted that certain remarks from reviewers had deeply affected him. He recalled instances where reviewers resorted to derogatory comments, such as comparing his character to a porn star in the film “Fareh.” Such hurtful remarks not only undermined his talent but also crossed the boundaries of decency and professionalism.

Looking Towards the Future

Despite facing challenges and prejudice, Manoj Bajpayee remains undeterred in his pursuit of excellence. As he gears up for his 100th movie, “Bhaiyya Ji,” Bajpayee is determined to let his work speak for itself. Co-produced by his wife Shabana Raza Bajpayee, the crime-action thriller is slated for release on May 24, marking a significant milestone in Bajpayee’s illustrious career.


Manoj Bajpayee’s candid revelations shed light on the persistent issue of bias and racism in film criticism. Despite facing unfair scrutiny and hurtful remarks, Bajpayee’s resilience and dedication to his craft continue to inspire fans and fellow artists alike. As he embarks on his 100th movie, Bajpayee remains focused on delivering compelling performances that defy stereotypes and showcase his immense talent.


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