Lisa and Frédéric Arnault Relationship Rumors Intensify

Blackpink’s Lisa is rumored to be in a relationship with Frédéric Arnault, sparking a flurry of speculation after a blurry video surfaced online. The K-pop idol, who recently left her solo contract with YG Entertainment, seemingly confirmed her relationship with Louis Vuitton’s third son through her social media activities. The hashtag ‘Lisa and Frederic Kissing’ has since gone viral, particularly on Weibo.

Viral Video Adds Fuel to Rumors

Just a week after setting the internet ablaze with her stunning looks and outfits, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is back in the spotlight due to a rumored romance. A blurry video shows Lisa and French businessman Frédéric Arnault enjoying a night out together. The video’s poster claims they saw the Thai-Korean singer and the French luxury heir share a kiss, but the footage itself doesn’t clearly confirm this. Despite the ambiguity, the hashtag “#LISA” is trending again, fueled by rumors and enthusiastic fans.

Mixed Reactions from Fans and Speculations

In one of the blurry videos, Lisa is seen dancing with Frédéric and manager Alice. The video was posted with the caption, “Expressing their love to the utmost,” along with the hashtag “Lisa and LV 3rd son kissing at a banquet.” While the video quality is questionable, some fans suggest they are just whispering.

“This isn’t the first time Lisa has fueled dating rumors. Back in May, she shared a series of selfies with playful emojis on social media, sparking wild guesses among fans. Recent sightings of Lisa with Frédéric at various events, including a concert and a stroll through the Rodin Museum, have only intensified the speculation.

“It’s not kissing, by the way. It’s whispering something. Don’t make fake news, please,” a BLINK condemned, slamming the viral video as fake. “It’s good for them; it’s their life, and we have no say in it,” another commented. “We all know she’s dating Frédéric. Leave her alone and let her be happy,” added another.

Previous Speculations and Public Appearances

For months, there have been widespread speculations that the BLACKPINK member is dating French luxury heir Frédéric Arnault. Arnault, the CEO at TAG Heuer and a member of the LVMH family, has been seen with Lisa on different occasions. However, this appears to be the first time an intimate video featuring the pair has gone viral.

In her professional life, Lisa has declared that she plans to debut a new album in 2024. She has also started using TikTok, leading to further speculation among fans that big news is on the horizon.


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