Late Promotions Hurt Sharwanand’s film!

Promotions play a very key role in making a film successful. Sometimes, films with just average talk end up joining the list of superhits with good promotions. For instance, Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaru Vari Pata was deemed to be an average film by the audience yet the movie team promoted it aggressively and somehow made everyone believe that it is a blockbuster. Of course, in the cases where the movie itself is too bad, there is no point in promotions for obvious reasons. But, sometimes, good films do tend to be overlooked by the audience because of the lack of promotions. Sharwanand’s latest film Oke Oka Jeevitham is on this list.

The film’s release was delayed in the first place and later, the movie team didn’t promote it as much as needed. Observers say that the OOJ have the stamina to become a cult hit like Seetharamam, yet, the movie team weren’t up to the mark in promotions like the Seetharamam team which would be the difference. It is a feel-good entertainer with a good screenplay, good performances, BGM scores, mother sentiment and interval twists are the plus points of the film which are more than enough to pull audiences to theatres. Promotions for the film were started by the movie team just before one week which is why many people didn’t even know that the movie was releasing. As of now, good word of mouth and after-release promotions can only make the movie successful. If not, it will join the list of movies which are good yet weren’t successful, says the cine observers.


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