Kubera: Nagarjuna Keeps The Suspense

Kubera – Renowned actor Dhanush is set to star in director Sekhar Kammula’s much-anticipated film “Kubera.” Adding to the excitement, the bilingual movie will feature the esteemed King Nagarjuna Akkineni in a prominent role. Recently, the filmmakers unveiled Nagarjuna’s first look from the movie, captivating fans with its intriguing visuals.

Nagarjuna’s Intriguing First Look

In a captivating 51-second clip, actor Nagarjuna is depicted walking away from a truck laden with money, surrounded by a gentle rain. Holding an umbrella, he notices a damp Rs 500 note on the ground, stoops to pick it up, and then returns to the truck to add the money to the pile. His action culminates with a mysterious smile. This glimpse into Nagarjuna’s character exemplifies integrity, as he conscientiously replaces a rain-soaked note with a dry one from his pocket. Such subtleties underscore the character’s uprightness, a trademark of Kammula’s storytelling.

Sekhar Kammula’s Characterization

In contrast to Dhanush’s character, Nagarjuna’s persona exudes a composed and sophisticated aura, befitting a middle-aged individual. The first look and snippet provide a lasting impression, accentuated by the pulsating score composed by rockstar Devi Sri Prasad, perfectly complementing the mesmerizing visuals captured by cinematographer Niketh Bommi.

Nagarjuna’s Cool Avatar

Nagarjuna’s middle-aged portrayal radiates an air of sophistication and composure, distinct from Dhanush’s character. The impactful first look, accompanied by Devi Sri Prasad’s electrifying music and Niketh Bommi’s captivating cinematography, amplifies the anticipation for the film’s release. Previously, a glimpse of Akkineni’s character from the film’s Bangkok schedule had surfaced online, heightening fans’ eagerness for the actor’s official look.

Dhanush and Rashmika Mandanna In Mumbai

Dhanush and Rashmika Mandanna were spotted shooting together for the film while Sekhar Kammula intends to wrap up everything soon. Alongside the stellar cast mentioned earlier, the film also features the talented Jim Sarbh and Saurav Khurana in pivotal roles. This Mumbai leg of shooting further intensifies the anticipation surrounding the project.

Kubera: A Much-Anticipated Sekhar Kammula Project

Directed by the acclaimed National Award winner Sekhar Kammula, “Kubera” has been generating immense buzz since its announcement. The film’s impressive ensemble cast, comprising Dhanush, Rashmika Mandanna, Jim Sarbh, Nagarjuna, and others, has only added to the anticipation.


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