Krish Frustrated With HHVM?

Along with perks, there will always be risks too associated with star hero movies. Director Krish Jagaralmudi is currently experiencing this right now for the project Hari Hara Veera Mallu. The movie started a while back and is yet to complete shoot. Along with the director, producer AM Rathnam too is waiting very patiently for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan to resume the shoot. While Pawan’s political commitments have delayed the project till now, the latest reason for the delay is his viral fever. Sources close to Krish reveal that at one point in time, the director wanted to quit the project.

But dropped the thought as the film is a biggie and might have a very negative influence on both him and the producer Rathnam had he quit. As a result, even though unwillingly, Krish is said to have changed the script as per the needs of Hero. With a budget of around Rs 200 Crores, it must be said that the movie team are in a burning soup as long as the project gets delayed. Earlier, Krish faces the more or less same problem with Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut for the Manikarnika movie. He had quit the movie even after directing 80 percent of the movie and Kangana completed the balance. Now, in the case of HHVM, Krish seems to have decided to continue the project no matter what. For now, Pawan fans are eagerly waiting for the restart of this historical fictional film. Nidhi Aggerwal will be starring along side Pawan.


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