Koratala axed Kajal’s part. Why?

All set for Acharya to hit the silver screens. This will be the most awaited Megastar’s flick ever. Director Koratala Shiva kept trimming the film as the outcome seems not so impressive. 

As a part of this, Koratala had to remove Kajal’s part from the Acharya movie. He disclosed that it felt inappropriate for him to cast Kajal in a role which did not have a proper ending in the film.

It surfaced that Koratala axed Kajal’s part intentionally, however, he cleared the rumors in an interview regarding this issue. “Acharya is not much into love and women in the movie, however, Kajal’s role was to be funny in the movie as an ardent one side lover of Acharya. But, it felt inappropriate after watching the rushes. Hence we had to remove her part. She will be seen in Lahe lahe song though” Koratala added further.

Even in the trailer, her absence was discussed heavily. But none knew about Korala axing her role in the movie.

Acharya will hit the screens all over the world on 29th of this month.


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