Karthikeya’s Mystery Unfolds Today!

Nikhil Siddartha’s Karthikeya 2 mystery will unfold today as the film is released worldwide. All the first looks, teasers, and trailers have generated good hype about the film. Directed by Chandoo Mondeti as a sequel to the first part, the film has a script in which mystery, spirituality and realism are woven successfully. How much that weaving works out will have to be seen on the silver screen. While the first part Karthikeya is about a village where snakes kill random people, the latest part is regarding the mysterious city Dwaraka of Lord Srikrishna. Learning that the movie is about Lord Krishna, the ISKCON organization has called upon the movie team recently. Alongside Nikhil, the movie has Anupama Parameswaran, Anupam Kher, Viva Harsha, and Srinivasa Reddy in key roles.

The success of Karthikeya 2 is important to Tollywood as well. The Telugu film industry breathed easily after the super hits of parallel releases Bimbisara and Sitaramam. But, Nithin’s Macharla Niyojalavargam has again tightened the noose. Now, all focus has shifted to Karthikeya 2 which, by the looks of it, can Nikhil too is looking for a good hit as his previous movies are not up to the expectations. After the decent performance of Yekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada, his flicks Keshava, Kirrak Party, and Arjun Suravaram performed dull at the BO and now the actor is looking at Karthikeya 2 to get back on track. Nikhil’s next projects are 18 pages and Spy which are having good expectations too.


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