Karan Johar pulls Alia Bhatt’s leg yet again as she exhibits the burp…

Karan Johar pulls Alia Bhatt’s leg yet again in the recent episode. Kareena claims she likes Alia and she is her favorite.

As the filmmaker asks about Alia Bhatt’s, sunshine of her existence right now. Alia took to state, “She is great, healthy, happy sunshine, and the ray of our life.”, Karan added to the conversation, “Ranbir is beautifully obsessed with her, and greatly in love with her.”. Alia agrees with the statement and further adds,” He is deeply, madly, and truly in love with her right now, sometimes he is just staring at her, troubling her, playing with her and in the beginning, he was the burp specialist, because he used to burp her, the only thing he wouldn’t do is feed her.”, as Alia spills a lot more secrets of the father-daughter duo.

Karan interrupts and wittily suggests, “But I would imagine he would burp you because you are quite a burper yourself.”, he further adds, ” You burped here, on the national television on this couch.”, pulling Alia’s leg and cracking up the duo as Alia accidentally burped on the show previously.

The actress is currently filming and producing for her upcoming film Jigra.

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