Kangana Ranaut Plays Indira Gandhi!

Of the current lot of actresses, Kangana Ranaut stands out in Bollywood, doing not only romantic roles besides heroes but also heroine-specific roles that often lead to controversies. Her movies such as Queen, Mani Karnika, and Thalaivi have all gained good popularity irrespective of the results. Even though the recent action movie Dhaakad was a huge disaster, Kangana is yet again ready for another experiment. She is directing a movie based on the controversial Indian emergency period from 1975 to 1977. The movie is titled as Emergency and Kangana herself is starring in Late Indira Gandhi’s role. She surprised everyone on Thursday with her first look as Indira.

With her subtle mannerisms, the Queen actress had done an extraordinary job in bringing Indira’s role to life. Prosthetic make-up was spot on. The first look ended with Indira asking her assistant if the American President knows that everyone calls her sir. Even though Kangana’s change-over and the first look teaser are being lauded, there is no doubt that this film will be mired with political controversies. The actress herself is openly a right winger while Congress Party, to which Indira belonged, is liberal. As a result, the film might definitely see a few political and legal obstacles, says the cine observers. It’s noteworthy that Kangana herself has prepared the script for his movie. As per the inside sources, the film is being made showing Indira in a positive light. Anupam Kher, Shreyas Thalpade, and Bhumika Chawla are cast in key roles for the movie while Kangana herself is bankrolling the project on Manikarnika Films.


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