Kangana Ranaut: CISF Constable’s Actions Politically Motivated

BJP MP Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram on Friday morning to address an incident involving CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur at the Chandigarh airport. The incident occurred on Thursday when the actor, who recently won her first election as an MP from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, was slapped by the constable.

Kangana’s Response on Social Media

In a video shared on social media, Kangana described the incident and suggested that the attack was linked to terrorism in Punjab. On Friday, she shared two Instagram stories detailing her experience at the airport. She compared herself to former PM Indira Gandhi, who was assassinated by her bodyguards, and promoted her upcoming film “Emergency,” in which she plays the former PM.

Details of the Incident and Allegations of Political Motivation

Kangana claimed that the CISF constable “strategically waited” for her to cross the security check before attacking her. She described the attack as being in a “signature Khalistani style,” stating that the constable quietly approached her from behind and hit her face without saying a word. When Kangana questioned her actions, the constable allegedly began speaking to other passengers who had started filming the incident.

Kangana implied that the constable’s actions were politically motivated and suggested that she might be seeking a seat in the next elections. She highlighted that the constable was drawing public attention by engaging with the cameras and mentioned that the farmers’ protest, which was previously a significant issue, no longer concerns many people.

Kangana’s Statement Post-Incident

On Thursday evening, Kangana posted a video on Instagram assuring her followers of her safety. She narrated the incident, stating that the constable hit her face and started abusing her, claiming to support the farmers’ protest. Kangana expressed her concern about the increasing terrorism and extremism in Punjab.

The slapping incident occurred as Kangana was entering Chandigarh airport on her way to Delhi. In a video captured after the incident, Kangana can be heard referencing a past comment she made about women joining the farmers’ protest for Rs 100, which had drawn significant criticism.

Consequences and Future Actions

The CISF constable involved in the incident has been suspended from duty, and a police complaint has been filed against her. Kangana announced that she would file a complaint with the Ministry of Home Affairs as well.

Kangana’s upcoming film “Emergency,” in which she portrays former PM Indira Gandhi, was scheduled for release in June but was postponed after she joined politics. Kangana had previously stated that she would retire from films if she won the election.


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