K-Pop: HYBE Allegedly Has Begun Erasing NewJeans

Netizens are alleging HYBE has already begun the process of erasing NewJeans.On May 13, a post titled “HYBE Has Begun Erasing NewJeans” went viral.

Hybe Vs Ador Min Hee Jin

In the post, the author uploaded several curious headlines from news articles. In each headline, the journalist claims that ILLIT has overtaken NewJeans, which according to a viral poll in, which over a 100K Koreans voted, is simply not true.

On May 13, an unnamed parent of NewJeans spoke with Ilgan Sports. According to the news outlet, the parents revealed HYBE was planning on putting NewJeans on a long hiatus. In the interview, the parents revealed that after Min Hee Jin’s explosive press conference, they and three other members’ parents went to HYBE to see if they could mend the relationship between HYBE and ADOR.

NewJeans Members Parents Voice Out

“On the day of Min Hee Jin’s press conference, three members’ moms and I went to HYBE. We were worried for Min Hee Jin and hoped we could be a bridge between HYBE and ADOR.”

— NewJeans’ Parent

The parent then shared that HYBE’s CEO, Park Ji Won, came late to the meeting, and despite the parents’ intentions, HYBE was not interested in hearing what they had to say.

“CEO Park Ji Won came 20 minutes late. Several other executives arrived before him and after listening to us for only a few minutes, they brought out a laptop and told us what Min Hee Jin had done wrong.”

— NewJeans’ Parent

Parents Confirm NewJeans Long Hiatus

The parent then confirmed they had sent an explosive E-mail revealing damning information about Bang Si Hyuk before dropping a bomb. According to the parent, HYBE was planning on putting NewJeans on a long hiatus.

Park Ji Won then came later and stated after NewJeans performs at the tokyo dome (after Min Hee Jin’s departure). HYBE was planning on putting NewJeans on a long hiatus. I couldn’t ask how long the hiatus will be, but Park Ji Won said that they are looking for a grammy-award winning producer, which would take at least a year and a half. He said that he would try to find one as soon as possible, but we felt that was how long the hiatus would be.

The parent then reaffirmed that all of the members and their parents wanted NewJeans to continue to work with Min Hee Jin.

“We want NewJeans to work with Min Hee Jin and stay with HYBE. This is something that all of the members’ parents agree on.”

— NewJeans’ Parents

Ilgan Sports then reached out to HYBE about the parents’ allegations. HYBE acknowledged stating that they were planning on a hiatus, but claimed it wasn’t out of malicious intent.

“When we said we were putting them on a long hiatus, we didn’t mean they are gong to be exiled. Usually, after an idol promotes, they are given a hiatus. Then after that they come back and promote diligently. That is what we meant.”

— NewJeans’ Parents


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