Journalists Angry on Vijay Deverakonda!

Vijay Deverakonda has become an overnight star with Arjun Reddy. The movie, although was remade in many languages, projected Vijay as the one who completely justified the role. Especially, Bollywood circles were fascinated by VD and warmly welcomed him into their circles. But, No matter how good a human being or actor he is, Vijay seems to be facing a few behavioural problems after the success. It was quite evident during his Liger promotional events. His sitting posture in front of the journalists without following any decorum of press meet had invited a lot of negative comments from all sides. Especially from journalists. Many renowned press persons posted about this issue on their respective social media accounts.

“Being open and confident is one thing, but Vijay seems unable to understand the thin line between showcasing confidence and recklessness. Sitting with his feet on the table while in a press meet is not at all acceptable. One should follow the decency of behaving while on a respected platform. There is a mark between your freedom and the other’s respect. He insulted the journalists present on that occasion with his gesture. No matter how good a person he is, if he thinks this kind of behaviour is justifiable, it’s not a good sign for his career. There are many legends and achievers with severe attitude problems. But none of them is anything like this. His personal space is where he can do anything he wishes but not in public places or responsible places like press meets” said a journalist who works for a leading tv channel.

Meanwhile, the Boycott Liger hashtag has been trending viral on social media. Many netizens are posting pics of VD sitting with his feet on the table in the press meet and are calling for the boycott. The main and original reason behind the Liger boycott tag is that Karan Johar is the producer of the film. But, now, Vijay’s photo too, added some more flare to the flame. Could it be Puri’s effect working on VD?


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