It’s all Suspense and Mystery in Kartikeya 2!

The combination of Nikhil and Chandoo Mondeti is back. The Kartikeya 2 movie team recently released the first look poster of the film, which looks very interesting and intriguing. According to the sources, the sequel will not be any less in thrill than the first part. In the first look, Nikhil, Anupama Parameswaran, and Srinivasa Reddy look at something in a rather mysterious way while riding in a boat. “Samudram Dachukunna athi peddha rahasyam, ee Dwaraka Nagaram,” says the voice in the background, which indicates that the movie will be about the mythical submerged city of Dwaraka, which belonged to Lord Srikrishna.

It’s surprising to see that Chandoo Mondeti took the Dwaraka city concept as the protagonist is investigating the previous look suggested of some serpentine world’s secrets. Earlier, Victory Venkatesh’s Devi Putrudu’s plot too revolved around the Dwaraka. Kartikeya 2 is being produced by the People Media Factory and Abhishek Agarwal Arts. At the same time, the first part has Swati as the lead actress and is replaced by Anupama, which indicates that this could be a sequel but won’t be related in any way to the first part. It’s said that this will be the costliest film of Nikhil’s career. It’s noteworthy that Anupam Kher plays a key role in the film. The movie could see a pan-India release, say the sources.


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