Isha Malviya Clarifies: No Romance with Elvish Yadav

Viral Video Sparks Speculation

Recently, Isha Malviya found herself at the center of speculation when a romantic video featuring her and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav went viral. The clip, shared by Elvish on his Instagram handle, showed the two walking hand in hand on a beach, gazing into each other’s eyes. The caption, “वक़्त के बदलने से दिल कहाँ बदलते हैं आप से मोहब्बत थी आप से मोहब्बत है” (Hearts do not change with time. I loved you and will always love you), fueled rumors of a budding romance.

The Truth Behind the Video

In a recent interview, Isha set the record straight. She clarified that there was no romantic involvement between her and Elvish. Instead, the video was part of a collaboration for one of her music videos. “This was at a time when my song ‘Ve Paagala’ was released. I was promoting it. Of course, I knew Elvish, but we had never met. We recorded a reel and did a collaboration post. That’s all,” she explained to Instant Bollywood.

He said, “Voh actually bohot badi opportunist hai. Uska aisa tha ki, koi bhi event ho raha hai ya koi bhi function ho raha hai toh mujhse baat karne lag jayegi. For example, Holi event tha, humari baat cheet ekdum band thi. Lekin ek din pehle se mujhse baat karne lag gayi ki tu aa raha hai na? Mereko bahaar tak iss liye le gayi kyuki paps khade the, taaki humari spotting ho jaaye. Pata chal jayega logo ko ki hum saath main hai,”

He later added, “Usne live main bola tha ki kaatne ke liye kuch hona bhi chahiye, aise 10 logo ko main paal sakti hoon. Kya hai yeh? Matlab, samajh hi nahi aa raha mujhe ki kyu bol rahe ho aap? Aap bolna hai bolo. Mere pe mat bolo, mere naam se aap jhooti statements mat do ki humne mutually decide kiya ki nahi jam rahi humari and uske liye bhi better hai. Arre mere liye kya better hai mujhe pata hai. Main chup hi tha but mere naam pe jhooti statements doge toh main boloonga”.

Breakup and Headlines

Interestingly, this clarification comes amidst another headline-worthy event in Isha’s life—her breakup with Samarth Jurel. The two had been dating since their former show Udaariyaan, but recently decided to part ways.

In the world of social media, where every interaction is scrutinized, Isha’s candid explanation sheds light on the truth behind the viral video. Sometimes, collaboration is just that—creative work without any romantic strings attached.


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