Is This The Title Of NBK 107?

Nandamuri Balakrishna is on a roll with his Akhanda blockbuster. The star has now a series of interesting projects lined up. His immediate next is with Gopichand Malineni, tentatively titled NBK 107. The film has huge expectations already as the first looks and teasers have created extensive hype. Balayya’s look in the movie has been trending with salt and pepper style. Now, in an interesting update, the film circles say that two titles are being discussed for the movie. One is Jai Balayya and the other is Reddy Garu. There is a high probability that the movie team might opt for the Jai Balayya title as it is the most likened phrase of NBK fans. But there is quite an opposite opinion from the sources who know the story that Reddy Garu could be a better option as it vibrates more with the story plot.

Anyways, both the titles are interesting and intriguing. NBK will be essaying two roles in this movie too as has been the case for the past few years. One will be of the old and rugged look and another is the young, clean-shaven style. Three fights were said to have been shot in various foreign locations and are said to be belonging to the young Balayya’s storyline. There have been rumours that the film is an unofficial remake of the Kannada film Mufti, as many stills of the film seemed to indicate the same. But, the director brushed away the rumours and clarified that he took a few real-life incidents as the inspiration to write the story. As NBK has already scored a good hit with Akhanda, one can say that NBK107 will be a sure-shot hit if it reaches at least half the expectations of the fans.


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