Is Really ‘The Warrior’ Worth The Ram’s 15 Years Wait?

Directed by Kollywood director Linguswamy, ‘The Warrior’ movie hit the screens today amid decent buzz. Starring Ram and Krithi Shetty in lead roles, the movie has Aadhi Pinisetty in a prominent role.

With a lot of confidence in Linguswamy, RAPO is said to have chosen this bilingual film to make his debut in Kollywood. Unfortunately, all his hopes went in vain as the movie is getting mixed responses everywhere. Linguswamy, who has given some good mass outings in the past, failed totally in ‘The Warrior’ Script and narration.

The story picked by Linguswamy totally looked like the same old wine and even in the same old bottle, just with some new brand name(Title). ‘Good guy goes against bad guy and finally good guy wins’ is the line we have seen thousand of times. Linguswamy and Ram went with the same old plot. Even the extra layer, Doctor turning to cop, looks exaggerated in the movie.

With such an old plot line, the biggest doubt of everyone was why Ram had chosen this film as his Kollywood debut, that too by saying the line ” I have waited for 15 years to make a good Kollywood debut and ‘The Warrior’ will do that”.

To be honest, Ram would have dubbed his some old Tollywood movie rather than picking out ‘The Warrior’ as his debut in Kollywood. However, let us see how this movie is going to get on at the Box-office.


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