Is It Netflix Vs Rajamouli For RRR?

Jr NTR and Ram Charan starrer RRR helmed by Rajamouli is in no way losing its grip in OTT though it was released long back. Not just Indians but even people from other countries are going gaga for this film. As a result, while few are praising this rousing drama to the core, few are criticizing it for the silly flaws.

However, the man behind this three-hour-plus epic was surely Rajamouli. Though the performances by the actors are sky-high, it’s the director who got the craze, openings, visual grandeur, spectacular narration, what not, everything for the film.

But surprisingly, right from the RRR release on Netflix, the ace director is losing his identity. Yes, though it might sound exaggerated, it’s true.

It’s because, most of the normal people, as well as noted celebrities across the globe (other than Indians), are mentioning RRR as Netflix’s RRR as if it is Netflix original.

This movie was initially mentioned as Rajamouli’s RRR, slowly losing its stamp across the globe and becoming Netflix’s RRR.

As Netflix outside India has never promoted an original Indian film as it did for RRR(except its originals), most ignorant people assume that RRR is a Netflix original. However it is not an ideal situation. So, at least now, it is much needed that people outside our country should realize that Rajamouli spelled this magnum opus. Let’s hope for the best.


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