Is God Father Team Such Reckless?

When you do a film, you will monitor each and everything very carefully. When you are making a project with a Megastar, then you have to be very alert and make sure everything is fine. But, the Megastar Chiranjeevi’s God Father team seems to be very reckless regarding their movie, opines the cine experts. Their recent clarification regarding Megastar’s name in the first look teaser indicates the same.

As it is already known, the Godfather’s first look was released recently and got a mixed response. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s name appeared with three E’s in the middle instead of two. As a result, there was speculation all around that Chiru is believing in numerology and changed his name accordingly. But there were also a few criticisms as he reached the level of Megastar with the old name and how did he accept to change the name. As the speculations are getting wider, the movie team gave clarification.

They explained that it was a typo error on their part and Megastar didn’t modify his name. Even though they apologized for the same, Mega fans and Cinephiles are shocked to hear their explanation. How can they be so reckless while releasing the first look teaser of one of the most hyped-up movies of Megastar? This is what the fans are questioning. Even the looks of Megastar weren’t received well by experts.

They say that neither his looks nor his mannerism shown in the first look teaser matched that of Mohanlal in Lucifer. While Mohanlal’s role in that film is very serious and not so revealing, Chiru’s body language in the remake looked very casual which might not suit the story, say the critics. On the other hand, poor title animations, not-so-great Mega looks, spelling errors.. these all together show the recklessness of the movie team, fumes the fans. It’s noteworthy that they did not even upload a proper thumbnail while posting on the film’s official YouTube channel.


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