In the era of Autotune, Gowra Hari’s live performance of Poolamme Pilla gets hailed

HanuMan movie composer gets hailed for his live performance in an interview. Read more to know.

A Tanuku native Gowra Hari, in a conversation with a media portal, shared that many have appreciated him for God’s bgm score and music. Poolamme Pilla happens to be his favorite song from the film. Besides Poolamme Pilla the background score of antagonist Michele played by Vinay Rai is his favourite. Poolamme Pilla also ranks in the top 5 list of Top Telugu Music on Spotify.

The composer also shared, ” I have to credit Mr.Prasanth Varma, for Poolamme Pilla.”, he further added, ” I didn’t like my voice in the song, but Prasanth sir made it a point that he wanted my voice in the song.”., saying so he credited the filmmaker Prasanth Varma. The Poolamme Pilla singer’s voice also happens to be greatly appreciated by the netizens as they claim, “In the era of Autotune, Gowra Hari’s voice shows how good of an artist and a singer he is.”.

Gowra Hari who has worked on the entire background score of the film HanuMan has worked on various films like Nakshatram and Maate Mantramu a 2022 film. More music from the composer is set to come into light through his upcoming projects Suryapet Junction and Chitham Maharani.

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